Welcome to Ace Brass Industries.

Our milestone started from 24th February 2000. By the years of experience and broad thoughts of its dedicated and enthusiastic core team, company could achieve its own name in the industry of non-ferrous components.

We have our vision frame. All employees are align with our core values. To achieve well defined goal in a strategic way, we split goal in three years, one year and one quarter plan. With the help of continuous monitoring of strategic plan, we focus our goal very sharply.

With non-compromise nature of human resources team, we have team of wonderful people. People working in our company are experts in their fields. They take pride and ownership in their job. Continuous evaluations of top management, core team and employees helps us to decide training path. As training is in culture of company, employees’ efficiency continuously grown with company.

We believe in latest technology. We have well implemented ERP system. Most of decisions make on the basis of data. Our dashboard and well defined managerial information systems shows us daily progress of company.

Our production infrastructure included, CNC sliding head machines, CNC turning centers, efficient conventional machines and lots of SPM machines. We have implemented lean which helps us for rapid growth in production technologies and efficiency.

Our quality infrastructure included, optical segregation machines, video measuring system and lots of gauges. Our sharp quality assurance team can understand deep need of client and serve them accordingly.

Our list of customer, accommodate well known branded automotive, electrical & electronics, pneumatic, aerospace, plumbing & sanitary, fasteners and other engineering industries. We believe in business partnership and win-win situation, which helps to achieve 89% customer consistence ratio. We are the best in the combination of QCD (Quality + Cost + Delivery).

We assure you a healthy and long lasting business partnership. Let’s make journey energetic and comfortable.


Dipesh Galaiya
Managing Director